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Ready to use, cloud based business intelligence suite

IntellicusCloudBI delivers insights on mobile. It empowers your customers with exponential value of their business data collected in your software by adding analytics and delivering it to them with ease. Get the leap of being on cloud and deliver analytics on mobile for your software product within few hours. Change the way reports are generated and consumed. No more printing, or PDFs. Deliver the key business KPIs and details on a mobile app branded as yours. Secure your data with device white listing, two-pass OTP authentication,  data-recall and role base security.

Instant insights
on mobile

time to market

data security

infra cost

Power up your software with
next-gen AI driven analytics

IntellicusCloudBI gives you a cloud platform for your on-premise software product. If you already have a cloud solution it gives you the most modern AI driven analytics on mobile. You can push your data using secured APIs, connections or secured uploading and create different dashboards for different persona. You can customize these dashboards with each of your customer. Your customer will have full control of the access to their data.

Game changing analytics for your application

Powered by Intellicus

IntellicusCloudBI platform enables you to offer the most sophisticated BI features to your customers. Enrich your product with interactive dashboards, multi-dimensional OLAP, machine learning based business predictions, threshold based alerts and GIS capabilities.

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Intellicus Cloud BI now available on Google Play Store

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